The use of social media is growing at an astronomical rate. Social media websites such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and pinterest represent a huge opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of customers and thus expand their business. Businesses use social media and social networking websites as a tool for gaining deep customer insight and to facilitate customer's influence. The social media marketing services enable the companies to use social media for marketing. For the customers it provides an ideal platform to speak their mind and share their ideas in their circles.
Majority of businesses use social media to enhance their relationships with their customers. The companies are also expanding their use of social to drive innovation in their products and services and for recruitment. Companies are finding a wide variety of business uses for social media. A product can be directly marketed to the consumer using social media. Such marketing amplifies messages that are conveyed by other product promotions, including website advertisement and press releases. The search engine optimization also enables the companies to increase traffic to their website. The premium companies in Hyderabad provide with dedicated team of SEO professional working for on page and off page optimization to bring desired output through website.
Social networking websites bring together people to interact with the companies and thus bringing in a more personal touch. For example blogs have become a great way to build and demonstrate thought leadership. The popularity of these web tools have led corporate to launch official blogs and social networking sites to keep open the communication and use it as a feedback mechanism to fine tune policies to be attune to employee needs, to receive feedback and to incorporate suggestions. To meet the requirements of companies many web development companies In Hyderabad are offering quality of services at highly competitive prices.
When it comes to India, Indians are really social. The Indians online already account for the third largest internet population in the world. Google+ , twitter and LinkedIn are flourishing in India nearly 20 million Indians are using the services of LinkedIn, making Indians the second largest member base. In 2013 about 53% of digital marketers are already positioning their brand in the social media marketing by 2014 social advertising investment will continue to grow. If your business is not taking this marketing steps to grow your market coverage by now your competitors are probably taking advanced steps with a better and large market opportunities to play around
Regardless of what platforms are used, it remains the priority of an organization to have a dedicated social media team that monitors discussions interacts with prospective customers and shares information about the organization's social activities to educate and empower. It is also important to make regular announcement to engage followers like organizing polls, contests and even offline events.


E-commerce means means buying and selling of products or services via internet. E-commerce is one of the important facets of internet to have emerged in recent times. Until a few decades the idea of e commerce had not even appeared. But, now a days the thought of living without e commerce seems unfathomable, it has brought the world closer.
E-commerce is a good example of the way in which information and communication technology can contribute to economic growth. It helps countries improve trade and facilitates global market for developing countries. It promotes competition among entrepreneurs. It also provides jobs there by creating wealth. E commerce is spreading widely and quickly in developing countries and it is exclusively useful for small and medium entrepreneurs allowing them to save time and money and enable them to reach large number of clients in domestic and foreign markets. With the growing use of the internet tablet devices, and smart phones the demand for e commerce business will continue to evolve and expand. Due to its convenience more users are purchasing from the palm of their hand.
E commerce has been particularly influential in service industries. The internet makes it possible to sell a variety of services, for example airline tickets, financial , insurance, customer support, data processing services, legal ,health, education or software services around the clock anywhere in the world. There are many advantages to the users through e commerce as lower prices are offered by vendors with less margin than brick and mortar model. They offer great variety inventory on online stores. One can log on the internet at any point of time be it day or night In a nutshell, this growing trend has many positive effects not just to individuals but the global society in terms of efficiency, enhancing communicative skills and shaping borderless communication. There are many issues that need to be resolved for the realization of fully fledged e commerce especiallyin the country like India. Internet should be affordable to reach the societies in developed and developing countries It should be accessible to rural areas so that they can enjoy the same facilities as city folks. The internet has to be freed from incompatible laws that hinder the growth of e commerce.


The evolution of digital marketing has paved the way for the businesses to market their products and services in innovative and creative way.Any business that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communication is in danger of losing out. The success of the business depends upon the social following and every aspect of the way they interact with consumers..
Regardless of age every one is walking around with some kind of device such as smart phones, tablets, laptops in their day to day lives and digital marketing reach seamlessly through these devices. Digital marketing enables an organistion to get more buyers and they are much cheaper than traditional advertising and sometimes it is even free. Thus it saves lot of money.
Digital marketing reach large amounts of people in less time and we can get an opportunity to reach consumers every single day. It is so pervasive that consumers can access information any time and any place they want, they have good benefit of accessing instantly with good availability and choice. The sending and receiving of information is instant hence saves lot of time.
The use of technology and computers is becoming common in office; therefore it is not hard to understand that in future we will soon see paperless office. Most of the offices are going electronic to send information to clients and employees and thus saving usage of paper.
In the bottom line we can say that each business is unique and that is why it is very important that companies should adopt different digital marketing strategies to meet the specific needs of their clients. The companies should adopt straight forward, dynamic plan that grows
and works with the business. If they don't have proper skills and know how in order to run digital marketing then they will be wasting valuable resources.


Gone are the days when business owners had a notion that digital marketing is only for big multinationals and large corporations that have sufficient resources can mount on online marketing. Fast growing digital marketing has provided boost even to small and medium scale industriesto compete against big MNC’s and attract their share of targeted office.

Digital marketing helps you to expand a new areas without any geographical hurdles. Digital marketing is cost effective and is easily reacheable and affordable to small and medium scale enterprises.

The way we talk, the way we connect with each other, the way we shop almost every thing around us is connected via internet. Now considering these changing dynamics of the technological advances, even the companies and businesses around us have largely been impacted by the change even they want to reach out to these tons and tons of online population with the aim of increasing their profits and growing further.

In digital marketing you can target precise people you want. Traffic to the website increases within no time and also brings additional revenue to the business. Digital marketing create new customers and maintain friendly relationship with them. There are various types of techniques such as SEO, PPC, SMM,etc, to target the potential audience.

India has truly been one successful example where digital marketing and its strategies have been widely accepted through out every possible company or business and thus making them known in every household in India.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During COVID-19

Most of us were taken aback by the enormous impact that COVID-19 had on our personal and professional lives.

As the internet became a part of our daily lives, digital marketing has proved to be imperative for brands. Considering Some Billion internet subscribers globally, more & more businesses now focus on creating an online brand image because that's where their customers are!!

However, in the past few Months, the outbreak of covid-19 has impacted our lives and multiple businesses across the world in unprecedented ways; marketing spends and activities of many brands have been paused, including various digital marketing initiatives.

  • In 60% of companies, no employees were dismissed from their positions. What is more, there were no such plans in the roadmap. Meanwhile, 24% of the survey participants confirmed that they or their colleagues were laid-off for COVID-19 related reasons.
  • 64% said they started working remotely.
  • 63% of companies opted for diverting SEO budgets to PPC.
  • 46% of businesses lost essential customers for the last several months, while 12% claimed they enjoyed a surge in new ones.
  • 40% of respondents confirmed their salaries were cut, while 9% of businesses had plans to turn such changes to reality.
  • 40% of respondents confirmed their salaries were cut, while 9% of businesses had plans to turn such changes to reality.
  • Anti-crisis plans were developed and brought to life by 19% of companies.

Paid ads are really, really Low-priced

The latest trend we are seeing is that paid ads are becoming Less price. It makes sense because the way these big ad networks make money is through an auction system. They need small businesses to drive up the cost per click (CPC) for ads so that way the big, billion-dollar corporations have to spend more money on ads. If you don’t have as many small businesses advertising (like we are experiencing now) there isn’t as much competition for the inventory, so the cost per click decreases. But the virus has been causing us to spend more time online, so much so that companies like Netflix have had to reduce their streaming quality to help. In other words, traffic on the web is up and there are fewer advertisers.

The latest trend we are seeing is that paid ads are becoming Less price. It makes sense because the way these big ad networks make money is through an auction system. They need small businesses to drive up the cost per click (CPC) for ads so that way the big, billion-dollar corporations have to spend more money on ads. If you don’t have as many small businesses advertising (like we are experiencing now) there isn’t as much competition for the inventory, so the cost per click decreases. But the virus has been causing us to spend more time online, so much so that companies like Netflix have had to reduce their streaming quality to help. In other words, traffic on the web is up and there are fewer advertisers.

B2B companies in particular rely on the annual circuit of trade shows and exhibitions to network and build customer relations. In industries that are not digital-native, they may also be less sophisticated in their digital growth and customer relations strategies.

Of course, this means there’s opportunities out there for the taking, if you are a B2B supplier in an industry that has been slow to adapt to digital marketing. A key factor in resilience is adaptability. If it’s standard in your industry to go out and meet new customers face-to-face before you do business, adapting may mean opening new channels over web or social media platforms where introductions can be made and relationships fostered. In the coming months, your prospective clients are going to be less open to the idea of letting you walk through the door and shake their hand – and no-one really has any idea how long this will last and whether this will lead to longer-term change.

On a psychological aspect, you’ll draw more attention to your business if you use positive messaging, especially regarding the current situation. Specifically, people want to hear how things will eventually go back to normal, so try to craft your marketing messages to reassure your customers that shall pass.

Going Digitally is the best option, which Erudite will help you.

This is pretty much a given at all times, but especially when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Your customers will still shop online, maybe even more than they used to. So if you haven’t got one already, it’s time to get a website.

Even if you’re in the service business, you can still offer online consultations and communicate with your clients, and a website can be of great help in your efforts (especially if your website design is proper and was made to convert).

One thing is for sure, businesses across the globe have to think of innovative ways to reach out to audiences that have been affected by COVID-19. The way we interact with each other has significantly changed, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies also need to change how they interact with customers.

We hope these little tips will help you rethink your marketing strategies and keep you on the right track.

Which is the Better Fit for Your Business, Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts ?

Facebook lets you connect with people interested in your product or service. There are multiple ways to reach out, from the technically simple to the more creatively complex. In the following, we'll cover the two ways to create ads on Facebook: from your business Page or by using Ads Manager.

Create ads from your business Page

You can create several types of Facebook ads from your business Page. One way is to boost a post.

You can also promote your business locally, increase traffic to your website and more. Select the Promote button at the bottom left of your business Page, and we'll guide you through the entire ad creation process.

From your business Page, you can create one ad at a time, and Facebook will make suggestions about the audience, text and images. When you use Ads Manager, you can create larger, more coordinated advertising campaigns. Both can help you reach the people most likely to care about your business, but Ads Manager gives you more options and more control.

Advertise using Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool designed to give you full control of the types of ads you run, their format and the audiences they reach. Additionally, it allows for more granular settings for scheduling and budgeting.

The Ads Manager interface is connected to your Facebook account. You can go directly there now, or navigate to Ads Manager from your home page.In the left menu toward the bottom, you'll see a link for Ads Manager. You may need to select View More before it is visible. Then, select Ads Manager.

Ad objectives

Understanding your business goals will help you choose the ad objective most likely to achieve the desired outcome for your campaign. Creating ads from your Page allows you to boost posts, encourage website purchases and generate leads. With Ads Manager, you can choose objectives that lead people to take actions on your website or app that you consider valuable. You can also promote your inventory with catalogue sales.


Advanced targeting capabilities


Creating ads from your Page lets you decide on the interests, age and gender of your audience.


Ads Manager lets you choose those characteristics in addition to more advanced targeting tools, such as Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.


Creative options

With Ads Manager, you can create collection ads, choose visuals specific to each ad placement and use templates to build videos with the Video Creation Kit. These are only a few of the extra choices you'll find in Ads Manager.

Ad placements

Placements are where your ads will appear, and Facebook offers a variety of ways to reach your audiences where they are most likely to be. For example, when you create ads from your Page, you'll be able to place them on Instagram and Facebook. Using Ads Manager gives you those placement options, plus placements available in the Audience Network. In the images below, we'll show you some visual examples of available ad placements. Use the arrows to advance through the options.

For specific campaigns, the decision between an ad and a boosted post will come down to long-term vs. short term outcomes. On a wider level, a mix of Facebook ads and boosted posts are usually the best way to break up your Facebook social media marketing budget. Boosted posts will allow you to build your brand’s reach and fan base, while ads can help you translate your brand’s presence into tangible outcomes. This one-two punch will allow you to build likes and fans, then turn your new followers into actual customers.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a process and working together is a success!!

By providing best-in-class service to #businesses, our aim is to offer easy to use yet powerful Marketing that helps owners ensure that their business is geared for success.

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How important digital marketing for your website?

*DIGITAL MARKETING* is important because it helps you drive more qualified traffic. Your website is often the first point of contact potential customers have of your company and your brand. You reach more leads that are interested in your business. The ability to target specific leads helps you drive traffic that takes interest in your company. You can target leads specifically by different characteristics.

With traditional advertising, the communication is one-way. You create a TV ad or print ad in a newspaper, and that’s it. You wait and hope that your audience will see your ad and visit your business.

So, what happens if your audience has questions or concerns? What if they want to learn more about your business, product, or service? It’s a hard task to complete when you don’t have a two-way conversation.

The importance of digital marketing lies in the ability to create two-way communication. There are many forms and uses of high quality digital marketing, including banner ads, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts. Thus by learning how to creatively market yourself digitally, you open up a wide range of possibilities for future publicity strategies. With digital marketing, you also have the flexibility of testing and stopping poorly performing campaigns in real time.

Many consumers do almost all of their shopping online. Digital marketing lets you appeal to these people and thus expand the reach of your company. Between Google Shopping Ads and brand awareness campaigns, you can expand your brand recognition and boost sales

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content planning. One of the most common reasons companies overhaul their website is to make it more search engine friendly. Having quality content that isn’t duplicated should be part of every SEO strategy. Having duplicate content on multiple pages can kill your search engine rankings. Having fresh, updated content through a company blog is another way to drive traffic to your site and improve your ranking.

Many of the most influential figures in modern culture promote themselves online or through social media. Digital marketing allows you to engage with these influencers and gain their respect. If you play your cards right, you can get them to endorse you, leading their followers to become customers and spread brand awareness.

The digital arena is not stable and things get changed every time and there is not always a win-win situation for your usual business tactics. A digital marketing firm can help you with new ideas and perspective which can give you results. An agency also helps you with clear insights and reports on how your keywords are performing and how customers are engaging with your brand.

One fact is that a digital marketing agency can grow your business quickly than compared to other marketing techniques. With digital marketing, you can start the campaign right away and see the results.

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